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On January 1, 2021, CPT E/M coding underwent the largest change since CMS introduced the 1997 documentation guidelines for E/M services. Healthcare organizations committed to optimizing reimbursement through efficient and compliant coding and documentation practices need to establish a comprehensive approach to ongoing targeted education and improvement efforts related to their unique vulnerabilities. At Enjoin, we specialize in helping ACOs, Health Systems and Provider Groups identify areas of vulnerability related to compliant coding and documentation practices by using comprehensive data analytics, insights and proven CDI and patient management workflows to ensure appropriate translation of care.

Average compliance risks and opportunities found with E/M Audit

The Enjoin Solution: 

  1. Assess opportunities and compliance risks
  2. Assess financial impact
  3. Cost-effective, quick TAT, expert lead
  4. Actionable feedback delivered by peers
  5. Sustainability and scalability


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Approximate projection of improper payments for office-based E/M codes
Be prepared for a significant impact on revenue. It’s so important to ensure the accuracy of the data, and for providers to “think in ink” or “think in digital ink” and document all services performed. 

Eli Freilich M.D., CHCQM-PHYADV, CCDS, Medical Director, Enjoin
The Breakroom: 2021 E/M Changes – Will You Be Ready?
September 11, 2020