The industry’s only comprehensive tool for value-based care.

Developed by board-certified physicians and CDI experts, CDocT supports inpatient and outpatient CDI programs with the expansion of value-based reimbursement and quality measure initiatives including HCC risk adjustment. CDocT’s data-driven approach promotes collaboration and a successful documentation culture within quality, inpatient and population health CDI.



Elevate your CDI program

Foster Program Growth

Operationalize Learned Concepts

Benefit from Timely Updates

Achieve documentation excellence.

  1. Foster Program Growth: Includes a train-the-the trainer approach and educational materials with CDI concepts impactful to value-based outcomes.
  2. Operationalize Learned Concepts: CDI checklists, ICD-10 code risk adjustment tables, weight graphs, key condition reference guide and case studies to support clinical documentation capture.
  3. Benefit from Timely Updates: To keep up with rapidly evolving regulations.

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