Comprehensive CDI Solutions

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Bridging the Gap Between Physicians and CDI Teams

The acceleration of value-based care calls for greater provider performance transparency, as higher quality clinical documentation and accurate coding are imperative to financial viability and consistent reimbursements. Enjoin provides comprehensive clinical documentation improvement solutions that are physician-led and quality-driven, enabling them to account for the needs of internal teams even as the industry undergoes major shifts. Enjoin bridges the gap between physicians and CDI teams, supporting evidence-based care and driving reimbursements.

Driving Excellence for Over 30 Years

For more than 30 years, Enjoin has provided health systems with clinical documentation integrity (CDI) education, infrastructure and process development. A pioneer of CDI programs, Enjoin continues to be an industry leader and innovator. Led by nationally renowned physicians with a strong academic background in scientific-based medicine and years of clinical practice coupled with certified coding and clinical documentation credentials, our unique approach addresses today’s quality-driven initiatives uniting documentation and coding across the healthcare continuum.

Why Enjoin?

  1. Physician-led team of clinical, experienced documentation and coding experts
  2. Tailored, innovative and holistic solutions to pinpoint documentation issues and improve clinical accuracy
  3. Collaborative approach to documentation and coding
  4. Comprehensive risk adjustment to support your journey to population health management
  5. Holistic approach to CDI with interplay of risk, cost, and quality linked to documentation
  6. Proven sustainable results

What does physician-led mean?

Our physicians don’t just feed information to an organization’s doctors behind the scenes; they are intimately involved in every aspect of our service:

  • Infrastructure
  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Delivery

As thought leaders in the industry, our physicians are deeply involved in evolving clinical documentation as a profession, improving the consistency and integrity of the work.

Thought leadership coupled with clinical practice experience representing every major specialty, enables us to bring a degree of documentation and coding expertise that is unique to the marketplace, helping our clients look beyond their current needs to see what’s possible and transform their operations to achieve better quality and cost performance amid new and emerging payment models.