Population Health CDI™

Most organizations understand why accurate and complete documentation will be mission-critical for revenue integrity and compliance going forward but few understand “how” to facilitate this discipline into their organizational culture to ensure success and sustainability across the care settings with value-based contracting. Our approach couples Enjoin physicians with evidence-based knowledge and provider data that powers a program platform to help at-risk organizations translate the complete patient story for a more impactful and sustainable journey to revenue and documentation integrity.

  • Do you really have the full scope of “data” needed to ensure alignment of resources and cost for caring for your attributed populations?
  • Do you have evidence-based documentation protocols and workflows to facilitate accuracy while easing the workload for your providers and staff?
  • Do you have clinical validation and program success mechanisms with monitoring in place to ensure sustainable success?

Improve patient health by accurately translating clinical care through: 

Documentation and Coding

Appropriate Resource Utilization

Improved Patient Outcomes

Enjoin’s Population Health CDI™ initiative unites physician-directed clinical documentation with data for a true depiction of the complete patient story. ACO’s, CINs and providers participating in risk-based contracting achieve more accurate risk adjustment and improve quality scores for the organization and its physician members.

Average HCC Opportunity

Delivering ROI with Accuracy & Precision

Potential Impact Per Plan/Program

Advanced Analytics, Program Design and
Best in Class Education

Our program includes:

  • Data Analysis
  • Patient record reviews

    Pre-visit Planning Reviews
    Retrospective Reviews
    Risk Adjustment Compliance Audits

  • Education

    Peer-to-peer Provider Education
    HCC Risk Adjustment Physician Advisor Training
    HCC Risk Adjustment Seminar (AAPC approved)

  • Program Design and Implementation
  • Program Monitoring and Metrics