Documenting the Care Continuum™

Provider organizations that can accurately identify ICD-10-CM codes associated with the patient condition are better equipped to determine budget and resource needs for population health-based programs. In addition, identifying possible indications of undiagnosed conditions is crucial to a healthier population.

Boost population health outcomes and succeed under risk-based contracts with the industry’s first-ever Population Health CDI™ program.

Right Patients. Right Providers. Right Time.

Unlike others, we incorporate global, historical claims data (CCLF, payer reports, etc.). We don’t limit our view to claims data within the organization/EHR, which allows us to speak to leakage and recapture opportunities with accuracy and specificity. This prevents undue physician burden.

Advantages of the Enjoin Approach:

  1. Deep understanding of risk adjustment methodologies and calculations toward budget (e.g. benchmarks) for MA, HHS, and ACO model-specific programs
  2. Initial analytics interface with our hands-on assessment to create a uniquely efficient, yet comprehensive, identification of gaps and opportunities for improvement
  3. Targeted focus by level (organization, group, facility, practice, provider, patient)
  4. Insights for targeted improvement efforts to identify and rank areas with greatest ROI potential
  5. A focus on guidance, support, education, and monitoring for organization sustainability

Keep Documentation at the Core

With unparalleled accuracy and precision that comes from compiling a full scope of patient data, we deliver a comprehensive assessment of an organization’s population health using a combination of our advanced analytics, patient record reviews, and coder/provider education resulting in actionable data.

Learn how a Focus on Population Health CDI Generates ACO Shared Savings.