Experience and Expertise

Our experience and expertise in documentation integrity helps to determine where to make improvements and what to expect within your provider physician practices. By keeping documentation at the center and focusing on your specific education needs, we ensure an accurate Risk Adjustment Factor (RAF) score, capture of Hierarchical Condition Category (HCCs), quality performance and reimbursement.

A fundamental component of our services is peer-to-peer, specialty-specific provider education grounded in clinical practice.

Benefits of our Provider Development

Board Certified Physicians

offer clinical insight and coding know-how.

Promotes Credibility

and rapid implementation of documentation improvement practices.

Real World View

Our physicians provide education based on evidence and what they are seeing in their own practice.

This level of expertise and practical advice has a major impact toward fostering provider engagement.

Physician Advisor Training

A physician advisor (PA) is integral to the success of clinical documentation improvement efforts. As an extension of a CDI program, a strong PA will engage and foster physician involvement. More than just a boot camp or education, our training program is designed specifically to enhance the ability of PAs to effect change within their organizations.

  • 2 days of intensive classroom training performed by senior physician staff consultants
  • Actionable learning through case studies

Physician specialists target documentation issues and improve clinical accuracy

Enjoin employs a multi-specialty group of physicians with extensive clinical backgrounds to work with your providers. Several levels of education are provided:

  1. General Awareness Education – The focus of this presentation is how provider documentation and coding affect the individual provider and their patients. 
  2. Focused Specialty Specific Provider Education – These training sessions can be delivered by specialty or by area/practice.  Specialties are chosen based on data analysis/patient record review findings. Content is built upon providers’ general awareness with deeper dive into specific specialty areas.
  3. Provider 1:1 Education – Education for providers that have the greatest opportunity for improvement or those that are challenged with documentation and coding process efficiencies.