Peer-to-Peer Education

Led by board-certified physicians with a strong academic background in evidence-based medicine and years of clinical practice, we understand each physician’s time is valuable. Physicians want and need relevant and concise documentation guidance that doesn’t distract from their face-to-face time with patients or add to physician burnout.

  • Does your CDI partner have clinically practicing physicians who are also credentialed in coding and documentation?
  • Can they link evidence-based medicine with coding and documentation proficiency?

A fundamental component of our services is peer-to-peer, specialty-specific provider education grounded in clinical practice.

Benefits of Enjoin Provider Development

Board-Certified Physicians

offer clinical insight and coding know-how.

Promotes Credibility

and rapid implementation of documentation improvement practices.

Real-World View

Our physicians provide education based on evidence and what they are seeing in their own practice.

This level of expertise and practical advice has a major impact toward fostering provider engagement.


Physician Advisor Training

A physician advisor (PA) is integral to the success of clinical documentation improvement efforts. As an extension of a CDI program, a strong PA will engage and foster physician involvement. More than just a boot camp or education, our training program is designed specifically to enhance the ability of PAs to effect change within their organizations.

  • 3 days of intensive classroom training performed by senior physician staff consultants
  • Actionable learning through case studies

Physician specialists target documentation issues and improve clinical accuracy

Enjoin employs a multi-specialty group of physicians with extensive clinical backgrounds to work with your providers. Several levels of education are offered—with emphasis on how clinical documentation and medical coding affects value-based payments, profiling, and performance including the various risk adjustment models.

  1. 1-hour Departmental Medical Staff Presentation increases level of awareness and impact of documentation and coding on physician profiles and reimbursement.
  2. 4-hour Hospitalist Seminar promotes documentation improvement to hospitalists who have a significant impact on inpatient coding.
  3. 4-hour Service Line Leader Seminar promotes liaisons between the documentation team and the respective specialty.

The Results

Our physician-led program is designed to ensure optimal profiling scores and true risk-adjusted quality outcomes. Through focused reviews, education and physician advisor integration, our program increased a health system’s predicted risk of mortality by 24% over a two-year period in the Medicare cohort.

Increase in predicted risk of mortality