A large multi-state IDN was focused  on maintaining financial accuracy and sustainable revenue through a proactive approach ensuring physician documentation supports coding compliance, MS-DRG accuracy, and quality performance data.  Additionally, knowledge transfer was a critical component to strengthen its CDI program across the enterprise. 



Implementation of Enjoin’s Pre-Bill Program with high value high impact chart reviews focused on provider documentation, coding and query opportunities, and overall coding compliance/accuracy.

Additional goals were to increase physician engagement, optimize revenue lift and leverage knowledge transfer to CDI and Coding with advanced clinical acumen.



While revenue optimization is important, just as critical is the opportunity for knowledge transfer. Within two years of Enjoin’s Pre-Bill Chart Review Program, this Client experienced a gain of $5.9M representative of both cost savings and estimated revenue recovery with knowledge transfer through monitored performance and actionable insights.

There Is A Difference

  • Focus list management for high value high impact
  • Advanced clinical acumen and clinical coding expertise accuracy to drive revenue integrity and mitigate financial risk
  • Educational resources to support knowledge transfer and CDI program advancement
  • Increased engagement of the CDI Team (Coders, CDS, Physicians)