Physician Advisors:
Advancing the Clinical Financial Partnership in Mid-Revenue Cycle

June 27, 2024

8:50-9:40 AM

Moderated by James Fee, MD, practicing hospitalist and CEO, these physician advisors will discuss the successes, challenges and lessons learned while helping to lead their organization to a fully aligned clinical and financial partnership encompassing the primary outputs of the mid-revenue cycle: patient outcomes, revenue integrity and utilization management. Valuable insight on fostering engagement and reducing burnout for the bedside clinician will also be shared.


James Fee, MD, CCS, CCDS | Enjoin

Joey Cristiano, MD, FACP, CCDS, CHCQM-PHYADV | Advocate Health

Vaughn Matacale, MD, CCDS | ECU Health

Paul Ossman, MD, MPH | UNC Chapel Hill


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