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Enjoin Partners with KLAS First Look for CDI Services

The clinical documentation integrity consulting company received 100% Customer Satisfaction and A+ ratings in a CDI Services assessment of Enjoin by KLAS.

COLLIERVILLE, Tenn., April 28, 2021 — Enjoin, a physician-directed clinical documentation integrity (CDI) services provider, announces First Look results after multiple customer interviews representing a variety of healthcare organizations.

In addition to 100% overall customer satisfaction score, Enjoin received A to A+ performance ratings across four categories included in the report— outcomes, quality of consultants, strength of partnership and likelihood of referrals. The report highlights Enjoin’s extremely high client satisfaction and differentiators.

While many CDI Vendors focus on workflow improvements with technology, it’s equally important to complement these efforts with physician-led education, denial defense and operations support. The report validates the importance of this and recognizes Enjoin’s expertise to support documentation and coding efforts for a true depiction of the complete patient story and more accurate clinical data.

Clients who spoke with KLAS also recognized the company’s key assets; clinical expertise, relationships/professionalism, and consistent return on investment. “We are grateful to our customers for their partnership and trust in us. The results in the First Look report reflect the commitment and value our multi-faceted team brings to healthcare organizations to accurately capture the patient’s story,” said James P. Fee, MD, CCS, CCDS, Chief Executive Officer. “We know every dollar counts especially in healthcare today. Measurable outcomes are critical, and our clients acknowledged high value in what we do.”

KLAS First Look: Client Stories:

  • When asked about Enjoin’s partnership one customer executive remarked, Enjoin is the crème de la crème. They provide another layer of expertise. They hire the best to give us a leg up. The coders may have been nurses before, and Enjoin has a pool of doctors that look at things. I don’t think we can maximize our clinical or reimbursement picture without more than one set of eyes because EMRs have made that so hard. Tools help, but they aren’t humans. Enjoin gives us a solid ROI. If they weren’t finding things giving us an ROI, we would have no reason to work with them.”
  • We have increased our work with the vendor based on the ROI that we have seen. Where other facilities have decreased their work through the pandemic, we have actually increased our work and seen a huge benefit from that. The ROI has spoken for itself. We have gotten extreme value for what the vendor has done for us.”

About Enjoin

With thirty years of direct physician leadership, Enjoin delivers complete solutions for clinical documentation integrity across the continuum and ensures evidenced-based care is accurately reflected through precise documentation and coding. Enjoin clients achieve a demonstrable improvement in CMI, coding accuracy, quality metrics, risk adjustment and physician alignment. For more information, visit

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