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Enjoin Launches Pre-Visit Planning Program

Advancing Precision Data for Population Health Management

New program paints a more accurate picture of patient populations-severity, complexity and chronic conditions

Enjoin, the leader in physician-led clinical documentation integrity today announced the launch of its Pre-visit Planning program, which allows for the complete capture of conditions relevant to a patient’s experience across the continuum of care while optimizing healthcare organizations’ risk scores.

“We are excited to unveil our Pre-visit Planning program to the healthcare community,” said Dr. James Fee, CEO, Enjoin. “With this program, healthcare providers will be able to get an accurate picture of patient populations-severity, complexity and chronic conditions, and also optimize reimbursement, minimize penalties and protect quality scores.”

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services released data earlier this year showing that Medicare Advantage enrollment has tripled from 2004 to 2017, accounting for 33 percent of the Medicare population. In addition, the number of ACOs has more than doubled since 2013.

With the surge in the MSSP ACO model, healthcare providers stand to gain learning opportunities related to reimbursement and risk scores. Enjoin’s Pre-visit Planning program underscores the new industry shift by enabling providers to gain actionable insights from their patient populations. “Precision data is the future of healthcare,” said Sonia Trepina, Director of Ambulatory CDI, Enjoin. “With the advancement of Medicare Advantage and ACOs becoming crucial, provider practices are adopting pre-visit planning to support movement toward value-based care.”

The Pre-visit Planning program focuses on comprehensive risk adjustment and ensures data integrity that is necessary to effectively drive population health management. Program capabilities include:

  • Analysis of patient population
  • Identification of suspect conditions and compliance opportunities
  • Continuous data refresh and analysis to monitor performance

The program delivers reliable, timely data while allowing physicians to focus on quality of care.

About Enjoin

With 30 years of direct physician leadership, Enjoin ensures evidenced-based care is accurately reflected through precise documentation and coding for value-based reimbursement. Enjoin clients achieve a demonstrable improvement in CMI, coding accuracy, quality metrics, risk adjustment and physician alignment.

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