Supporting Providers





Enjoin’s COVID-19 mission is to support clinical frontline care providers with physician-directed CDI guidance. To do this, we have teamed up with SmarterDX to offer a new COVID-19 clinical decision support tool with CDI integration.

This complimentary tool leverages artificial intelligence to help detect COVID-19 suspicious cases and automatically catalogue patient baseline complexity and acuity. High-yield provider documentation tips are integrated to provide up-to-date CDI guidance.

The goal is more effective, timely clinical triage and workflow in combination with physician-directed CDI guidance.

COVID-19 Clinical Decision Support Tool

Three Quick Wins for Healthcare:

  • Physician-directed companies with practicing physicians unite to link clinical medicine and CDI
  • Open source format lets organizations quickly utilize the tool
  • Zero risk since installation is owned versus cloud-based

The COVID-19 Clinical Decision Support Platform with CDI Tips was designed by New York physicians actively involved in patient care on the front lines. SmarterDX and Enjoin are united in providing a free open source tool for hospitals and clinical frontline care providers that helps support timely clinical triage, improved workflow and physician-directed CDI guidance.

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