CDI: The Quality Story Webinar

The evolution of healthcare reimbursement from “fee for service” to pay for performance has introduced numerous claims based quality measures which impact both financial performance and quality profiles. Risk adjusted mortality rates, readmission rates, complication rates, patient safety events, and other such measures are significantly impacted by the integrity of documentation and code assignment in both the inpatient and outpatient settings.  

Enjoin presents an educational webinar to explore the needed progression of today’s CDI Programs to support documentation and code capture important in this rapidly changing environment. Presented by Dr. Adriane Martin, DO, FACOS, CCDS, Vice President and Jennifer Eaton, RN, MSN, CCDSExecutive Director Consulting Services & Education, a review of selected measures will be performed to promote an understanding of how documentation and code assignment impact the selection of discharges included in these measures as well as, often overlooked but essential to performance, how selected discharges are risk adjusted.  

Clinical Documentation Integrity (CDI) Programs must evolve to support these new challenges and requires a data driven approach, team education and a refinement of current CDI Program processes. 

Learning Objectives: 

At the conclusion of this webinar, attendees will:  

  • Learn CMS claims based measure methodology overview including common documentation and coding vulnerabilities 
  • Understand data sources that can assist with identification of cohort/risk adjustor opportunities specific to your organization 
  • Discover how to gain provider buy in through education 
  • Identify success measures 
  • Apply learnings through case studies 

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CDI Quality Webinar